Conflict Of Interest

"Conflict Of Interest"  

Young N Reckless is a hip hop group and production company that wants to tear down the veil and reveal the systemic corruption inherent in industry and politics. Their upcoming album will contain sensitive classified information that they hope to release using The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552  

Available by petition only due to the inflammatory and expository nature of its content, the yet to be released new project named “Conflict of Interest” by the audacious new voice of Hip Hop- Young N Reckless - is guaranteed to be on the most wanted list like Edward Snowden.  

In these threatening and controversial times when religion, politics, freedoms, and free speech are threatened in all parts of the world, the new voice of restraint, respect, and call for change is coming from a more politically active and socially aware generation of Hip Hop artists.  

The movement has been predicated by the group’s previous release including “In God We Trust”, “Freedom of Speech”, and “Public Enemies”. The new project focuses on the issues of Guantanamo, CIA torture, and the rights of Americans in the United States.  

One is very apt in comparing the voice and power of Young N Reckless to that of Dylan in the 1960’s youth revolt against the Vietnam War. The truths and feelings expressed in “Conflict of Interest” voice similar facts and truths that caused Edward Snowden to flee for his freedom and seek asylum in Russia.  

The by request only release is no public relations prank.  

Truthful and thought provoking sentiments like "The United States choose to hold these men three to four years without acknowledging their existence much less bringing them to a court who could start a case against them", and "The CIA program remains classified so these men remain classified. So everything they do every contact their lawyers have with them everything about the case, what can be communicated or shared their own memories the government attempted to classify" examine the truths that all know and have yet failed to act on in a conclusive manner.  

“Conflict of Interest” takes a daring and probing look at what the United States has become and what its citizens may face in the future.  

Young N Reckless has absolutely stepped forward as the questioning voice of younger people and for that matter all people of conscience and good will. There is no one in music, politics, or film that is asking and answering the really hard questions of our times like the intricate and politically sophisticated lyrics produced by Young N Reckless in “Conflict Of Interest”.  

 The group’s reluctance to grant interviews is a choice to let their lyrics and vibe speak the truth for itself. One wonders if this is the voice of reason and sanity or a call to arms that will engulf the nation like nothing has since Vietnam.  

Americans seem to need stirring before they act in the interest of freedoms that are being taken from them and “Conflict of Interest” may well be the spoon that makes the kettle boil over.  

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552 is a federal freedom of information law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government